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Cable Suspended Float Sensor FQ

Cable Suspended Float Sensor FQ




Water, waste water and sticky liquids


  • Insensitive to suspended solids or viscosity
    • No affection from suspended solids or viscosity of measured liquids due to large buoyancy.
  • Stable operation
    • No affection from turbulence or rough flow as detection signals are not given until the float is inverted at the high or low points.
  • Flexible adaption to any environments
    • Easy installation by just suspending the sensor. Control range is user adjustable. Multiple point versions are also available. (FQ88, FQ66) Large and rugged terminal box for easy handling, with a cover requiring no screws nor bolts
  • High reliability
    • Among high accuracy reed switches, only those that meet our original standards are used to ensure stable operation over the long service life.

Principle of Operation

Controller sends air to the sensor placed in the tank, and measures the back pressure, continuously indicating a level and giving a 4 to 20mA DC output.