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Miniature Float Sensor OL

Miniature Float Sensor OL


Product Description


Small mass produced equipment.


  • Compact and low cost. Offers a wide range of designs´╝Ä
    • Compact and low-cost solution. Various designs available as standard to suit vertically any liquid applications.
  • Insensitive to process conditions such as pressure, temperature and specific gravity
    • Unlike other technologies, OL offers reliable measurement without being affected by temperature, pressure, specific gravity, capacitance or conductivity.
  • High reliability and safety
    • Among high accuracy reed switches, only those that meet our original standards are used to ensure stable operation over the long service life.
  • Suitable for virtually any applications
    • A wide selection of components and attachments allow flexible adoption to any environments with short delivery time.
  • Class NK (Nippon Kaiji Kyokai) certified (07A008)
    • OL can be used to measure fuel, lubricant oil and other liquids except on the decks, bridges and cargo tanks. (Except side-mounted OLH)

Principle of Operation

Principle of Operation   The sensor uses a magnet and a reed switch to detect liquid presence. The reed switch has its contacts encased in a glass tube with inert gas and operates by an applied magnetic field.

The figure shows the float and the stem. The float integrates a magnet, and the stem a reed switch at the set point. The reed switch opens or closes as the float goes up or down on the stem.
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