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Cable Suspended Float Sensor FT

Cable Suspended Float Sensor FT


Product Description


Pump control of tanks and pits in water/wastewater facilities and effluent treatment facilities


  • Microswitch used to indicate liquid presence
    • The microswitch is environmentally friendly when in use and when disposed of.
  • Stable operation
    • Corrosion-resistant with no exposed metal to offer long service life. Stable operation with liquids with suspended solids or sticky liquids.
  • Flexible adaption to any environments
    • Easy installation by just suspending the sensor. Multiple point versions are also available. (FT55, FT77)
    • Large and rugged terminal box for easy handling, with a cover not requiring screws or bolts.

Principle of Operation

Controller sends air to the sensor placed in the tank and measures the backpressure, continuously indicating a level and giving a 4 to 20mA DC output.
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