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Oil Leak Detector LZ

Oil Leak Detector LZ


Product Description


  • Cogeneration facilities (sump pit in a tank dike, water-oil separation tank in a waste water facility)
  • Factory drains (drainage pit)
  • Ship applications (cooling water tank for internal combustion engine)
  • Oil refinery (oil terminals, offshore platforms, tank yards)


  • Buildup prevention
  • Low cable cost
  • Easy maintenance
  • Robust
  • Operational in dry pits
  • Fail-safe functionality

Principle of Operation

Principle of Operation   The detector measures impedance between the electrode and the ground, and indicates oil detection when the impedance increases.

The change in impedance is converted to voltage signals. With no oil but only water around the electrode, impedance is low. When the oil film grows to approximately 7mm, the detector detects increase in impedance, and sends an alarm signal.
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